UHC Day Article (Universal Health Coverage)

Ms. Hitaf Makarem, a certified dietitian, says that part of our mission as the National Wellness Network (NWN) is to promote health and wellness in the community and to empower the underprivileged Lebanese and Arab women as follows:

-          To improve their living conditions

-          To provide them with the best quality of services

-          To raise their awareness in the medical and health part

-          To spread the best practices in order to become a reference in women development

-          To support them in achieving their full potential

            Ms. Makarem provides dietetic assessment, body composition tests, behavioral therapies and complete support to the patients.

            UHC Day is celebrated on December 12th and is promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) calling for all the nations to provide their citizens with affordable quality healthcare. On the occasion, NWN in collaboration with Yadouna Foundation, organized a health screening day for ladies from Aley region; our nutrition and dietetics clinic provided patients with diet plans according to each condition.

            This campaign is part of the Modern University for Business & Science (MUBS) and NWN commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG-3 to promote health and wellness and SDG-17, to build partnership towards the goals.




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