MUMC Delegation Honors the Baakline Regional Civil Defense Center for Humanitarian Efforts

By MUBS Communications Dept., 2024.

On April 29, 2024, a delegation from the Modern University Medical Care (MUMC), led by the MUMC PHC Director and MUBS Public Relations Director Mrs. Hikmat Daou, and MUMC Optometrist and MUBS Optometry Department Executive Assistant Ms. Laura Ajab, visited the Baakline Regional Civil Defense Center to express their gratitude for the center’s humanitarian efforts.

The visit served as an opportunity to present a token of appreciation to the Head of the Center, Mr. Nabih Saeed Saab, acknowledging the Civil Defense personnel’s commitment to disaster prevention education and their sacrifices in ensuring human safety.

This acknowledgment came in the wake of training and awareness sessions held at the MUMC in Semqanieh over two days. These sessions covered a wide range of safety measures, including fire risk mitigation, evacuation procedures, fire management, and the importance of awareness during evacuation.

Employees were briefed on the daily guidelines issued by the Civil Defense and educated on crucial emergency response steps, such as the correct use of fire extinguishers and oxygen devices. They were also reminded of the importance of adhering to regulations set by the Civil Defense and the General Safety Authority in Lebanon.

The MUMC team also familiarized themselves with the various departments within the center and carried out an evacuation drill, identifying exit points for specific fire or disaster scenarios. Mrs. Hikmat Daou expressed her deep appreciation for Mr. Nabih Saeed Saab and all the Civil Defense personnel for their tireless efforts in raising awareness and ensuring public safety. The visit concluded with a discussion on future collaboration to further enhance community awareness.

The event is aligned with MUBS’s commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions), and SDG 17 (Partnerships to Achieve the Goals). For more information related to UN SDGs, visit our page:




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