Sports and Nutrition Webinar

On February 20th, 2021 the National Wellness Network (NWN), established by Modern University for Business & Science (MUBS), hosted a webinar entitled “Eat Right, Grow Right”.  Guest speaker from Kuwait was Ms. Fatima AL Othman, certified personal trainer fitness exercises instructor, and from Lebanon Ms. Sally Zalzali, a certified sports nutritionist, a personal trainer and a food science specialist, and the moderator Ms. Hitaf Makarem.


 Sports nutrition focuses on diet aiming to improve the individual’s athletic performance,  the type and the quantity of fluids, the consumption of vitamins, minerals, supplements and organic substances. Ms. Fatima explained the start step to adapt a healthy lifestyle and best activities to strengthen muscles and bones. Ms. Sally discussed the relation between food and sports; eating disorders, food and calorie intake to lose fat, macronutrients and supplements use.



One of the NWN is to organize activities and spread awareness to individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This campaign is part of the MUBS and NWN commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG-3 to promote health and wellness and SDG-17, to build partnership towards the goals. 

For additional information, kindly reach out to Ms. Hitaf Makarem [], licensed Clinical Dietitian/External Engagement Coordinator at National wellness network/Executive Assistant at the School of Health Sciences.



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