NWN’s Beirut Explosion Support Program

NWN’s Beirut Explosion Support Program

On the 4th of August, Lebanon became the victim of a catastrophe of epic proportions. A disastrous explosion in Beirut left 157 dead, 5000 injured, and more than 150 people missing. National and international rescue teams, disaster management experts, and medical professionals from across the world came together to support those affected by this calamity. Unfortunately, this has not been enough, and gaps remain in communicating effectively, combining efforts, and connecting those in need with the support systems they require. 

From the outset, NWN has been committed to alleviating the impact of this tragedy; by supporting rehabilitation efforts, rebuilding infrastructure, and providing essential items like food, clothing and medicine to those in need. We have developed a systemized network that connects NGOs and others with the people who need their support. 

By catering to urgent necessities, raising donations, and through voluntary campaigns, we have successfully reached and helped over 50 families, and aim to reach thousands more. 

We welcome your support in this noble cause by: 

-       Guiding us to people in need of help 

-       Guiding us to campaigns/NGOs providing support 

-       Donating to support our work and helping us in reaching more people 

-       Becoming volunteers 

Hand in hand, Beirut will rise and stand again.




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