“You are Stronger” Complementary therapies for breast cancer highlighted at NWN talk

Cancer prevention methods, such as screening, are highlighted with awareness campaigns, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. However, complementary therapy use in cancer is rarely discussed in Lebanon.

 Today, the National Wellness Network (NWN) Semqanieh, was proud to  host

Nina Abi Fadel, co-founder, Sohawellness, who gave an informative talk on “Complementary therapies for breast cancer.” This brave cancer survivor hopes to change the mindset of  women all over the country, especially in rural regions. Under the motto “You are Stronger.”

 Four years ago, after being told  she had breast cancer she underwent  a mastectomy and afterwards chemotherapy. She asked herself, how can I boost my immunity? After conducting intensive research she became vegan. “ Meat and sugar are toxins . Chemo is toxic . So why should I add this to this?”  Common side effects of chemotherapy are vomiting, fatigue and hairloss, but leading a healthy lifestyle Nina suffered none of these. 

 “I want to reach out to the whole community. You have rights, you have choices, you can take control of your life,” she told the audience . “ I am sure that all of you know someone who had cancer so reach out to them and share the complementary  therapies for breast cancer with them.”

 “The objective of NWN is to promote a healthy life style within the Lebanese community through awareness and providing preventative medical services offered at the multiple branches of NWN,” says Nidal Makarem, MD, MBA, Programs Coordinator of  the National Wellness Network (NWN), Semqanieh. “ The seminar presented by Eventa social impact and value was a perfect match with NWN/MUBS’s  vision and mission, which falls within the health awareness campaigns that the network provides within its branches.” 




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